Colorado Chapter

TMT Colorado and SWTRC Meeting Notes, June 25, 2021

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  • Paul Murphy, Founder, Phil Murphy Consulting
  • Pat Kelly, CEO, Routinify
  • Caroline Avent, Director, Routinify

TMT Ambassador and Moderator: Jan Ground

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Question: What one thing would we like to lobby for in CO re telehealth?

Attendee responses

  • Delivery in skilled care environment, in non-skilled areas too
  • Utilization for preventative and lifestyle activities
  • Vs break/fix
  • Be preemptive with same tools (RPM etc) applied prior
  • Lifestyle care
  • Reduce cost of providing in home care (vs in home health care)
  • Remove hours travelled required
  • Data-driven demand care satisfied thru virtual
  • Move telehealth from med/clinic to lifestyle to improve efficiency
  • Lobby for reimbursing for care coverage
  • Expanding care coverage
  • Long-term care costs, reduce admits, readmits


  • Keep covid rule changes- don’t wind back/relax the rules
    • Promote physician reimbursement across service lines
  • Improve access to telehealth
    • Get broadband to everyone in the state and/or Reimbursement for transportation where there is not broadband
  • Let’s not focus on what’s already being done….
    • Reach out to Office of eHealth Innovation (OeHI)- OIT, had a broadband task force last year to address this.

Covid rules:

  1. Reimbursement based: all service lines should be reimbursed for TH (care by video), with parity to in person. (parity- minutes, care function? Effectiveness? How defined?)
  2. Remove the need for in person prior to telehealth occurring (2nd most important of these 6)
  3. Originating site: geography- physician must be licensed in the state in which the patient is geographically located
  4. Pre-COVID-19 - patient had to be at another clinical site. During COVID-19 - patient could be home or anywhere
  5. Reimbursement for phone visits (bundle with others…), is it just a video visit without video?
  6. Reimbursement for store and forward
  7. Reimbursement for RPM
  8. Reimbursement for email
  9. Reimbursement for chat/text


May 28, 2021 meeting recording

Lobbying, Legislatures and the Impact on Telehalth


July 31, 2020


What did telehealth look like pre-COVID vs now?  What's working well? What's not?


Care on Location

Jon Savage DO, FAAEM

Children's Hosp Colorado 

Gerard Frunzi MBA


Terri Casterton MBA, MS


 click to listen 

Kaiser Permanente

Jan Ground PT, MBA

Ted Palen MD PhD, MD, MSPH


  1. Telehealth, Kaiser Permanente Colorado: Pre- and Post-Covid Lessons
  2. Virtual Care: A New Era for Telehealth
    - Kaiser Permanente Colorado (KPCO)
    - Colorado Permanente Medical Group (CPMG)