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Vol. 8 No. 1 (2023): Telehealth and Medicine Today
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Telehealth and Medicine Today (TMT) is the gold open access international peer reviewed journal examining the value of telehealth and clinical automation, use and scalable developments, business process guidance, market research and the economic and social impact of digital health innovations in the health and technology field. Original research and reveiws are invited from multidisciplinary collaboratives, academic researchers, health systems, technology leaders, frontline providers, nurses and allied health professionals, innovators, health policy, and social impact disciplines. Authors are encouraged to submit high quality novel research, failed experiments, and outcomes for cost efficiencies realized delivering virtual care in a value based system. A world-class review board includes constructive commentary through rigorous peer review to strengthen work. The journal is published quarterly.  

Published: 2023-02-09

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We are pleased to announce a partnership between PeerRef and Telehealth and Medicine Today (THMT).

PeerRef is a journal-independent open peer review platform. It helps researchers verify and improve research by organizing peer review of preprints and publishing peer review reports. It also provides journal editors with verified research that can be published immediately. The partnership will provide authors of suitable refereed preprints with a route to publication in THMT.  Editors will consider PeerRef’s open peer review reports in publication decisions. For articles that are accepted, authors of refereed preprints will receive a 10% waiver on the journal's APC. Through this partnership, we will give authors more choice in how they share their peer reviewed preprints. Learn more about how PeerRef works at


Beginning January 2023, authors will have the option to chose Transparent Peer Review (TPR) for manuscripts submitted. Please see Information for Authors or Journal Information for details.

Plain Language Summaries (PLS) are encouraged for authors to include in manuscripts. These summaries have emerged as a valuable article addition that distills scientific information in a simple and easy to read form for the broadest possible understanding across a variety of stakeholders, thereby expanding the reach of an author’s work. Communicating the significance of scientific research evidence to audiences including patients and mass media can provide more inclusion across nontechnical, non-specialist, and time-challenged audiences.

THMT encourages libraries, organizations, and institutions around the globe to execute simple Publish and Read Agreements with the journal. Contact the publisher, Tory Cenaj, at

Telehealth and Medicine Today Announces 
2021 Best Article Award

THMT is excited to announce the 2021 Editors Best Article Award. The award selection is based on the number of online views, article downloads, citations, and market impact.


A COVID-19 Telehealth Impact Study—Exploring One Year of Telehealth Experimentation
Francis X. Campion, MD, Group Leader, Health AI, MITRE Corporation, et al

Congratulations, Dr. Campion, and team!

THMT COPE Recognition

Telehealth and Medicine Today (THMT) open access peer reviewed journal is please to be recognized by COPE, the Committee on Publication Ethics!

Congratulations to all journal board members and staff, for working so hard to ensure ethical operation and workflows are adhered to, bringing high caliber work to global scientific research and public communities for review and discussion. 

Thanks to authors for selecting this new journal for submission and publication of research. 

We sincerely thank review committee members and all their efforts at COPE, to keep ethical practices and integrity a hallmark of scientific communications.

Read "Remote Patient Monitoring in Chronic Care Management: A Practitioner’s Experience using RPM to Increase Patient Adherence and Improve Patient Outcomes," BLOG post HERE

THMT is now indexed in the following ProQuest databases:

  • ProQuest Health & Medical Complete
  • ProQuest Public Health
  • ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Program

Telehealth and Medicine Today is pleased to announce the 2020 Editors Best Article Award!
Announced during the THMT ConV2X 2021 Symposium themed “Blueprint for a New Digital Health Era,” broadcast November 10, 2021, the winning article is titled: "Role of Telemedicine in Healthcare During COVID-19 Pandemic in Developing Countries," by Muhammad Abdul Kadir, PhD, Department of Biomedical Physics & Technology from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The article presented the highest number of reader engagements with the most downloads, views and highest number of citations to date. See DOI

The work is important because it represents the global bibliodiversity of research content in THMT that is critical in sharing local and global issues with the ecosystem. This supports the dissemination of research results for the benefit of all in society, while simultaneously promoting diversity in research assessment and evaluation from emerging nations.
Dr. Kadir commented the reason he selected the Telehealth and Medicine Today journal was due to the journal’s timeliness, that it is open access, and that he appreciates TMT's diverse scientific community and reach around the globe – along with the number of citations received to date.


THMT now accepts video submissions to compliment an author's written work. Videos can demonstrate simulations, experimental demos, or "interviews" with authors/researchers. Authors should submit a jpeg representing the video and/or transcript of audio.

Video format may be MP4. Length: 5-7 minutes maximum.

THMT has added new Scite badges to the gold open access publication. Scite's mission to make science more reliable by helping researchers better discover and evaluate scientific research. Citations provide a context and classification describing whether it provides supporting or disputing evidence for the cited claim. Scite has analyzed over 18 million full-text publications across disciplines, extracting and analyzing over 625M citation statements to help readers better evaluate articles published and facilitate reproducibility.

THMT ConV2X 2020 Symposium Highlights, "Transforming Health Care in the Wake of a Global Pandemic"

Some of the world’s top leaders and influencers in healthcare delivery transformation and health technologies, including blockchain technology and telehealth, converged at the 4th Annual CONV2X 2020 Symposium held virtually from November 10-12, 2020, to exchange perspectives and solutions to shortfalls in global patient care exposed by COVID-19. The theme of the symposium was “US-World Health Transformation.”

The Symposium, hosted by the THMT journal, presented 76 world leading SMEs, 35 hours of  discourse and four keynote presentations from the World Health Organization (WHO), Teladoc Health, McKinsey & Company and Mayo Clinic Platform.

To veiw the ConVerge2Xcelerate (ConV2X) 2020Symposium ON DEMAND click HERE.

To view ConV2X 2020 Highlights click HERE.  or visit

Note: Symposium content is NOT peer reviewed and proceeds are used to support the BHTY journal. See ConV2X webite at



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