Volume 3, 2018

Telehealth and Medicine Today (TMT), is an open access online, peer review journal where thought leaders and innovators converge to find solutions in a new health technology sector. TMT assists an evolving health sector in launching and scaling delivery services to achieve sustainable outcomes within clinically integrated healthcare systems. The journal offers rapid review of research articles and commentaries related to innovations in patient-centered care. Emphasis focuses on advances in program implementation, outcomes, process improvement, financial impact, and clinical research applications across the care continuum in a new era of value based care.

We thank and congratulate all the authors appearing in this debut, and all the authors that submitted manuscripts for review. You are pioneers and visionaries, all.  We thank you, as you endeavored to publish in a new peer review journal, and continue to contribute to the sector's knowledge base.

TMT Team

Published: 2018-07-23

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TMT Welcomes John Halamka, MD, to Board


Telehealth and Medicine Today (TMT) is proud to welcome Dr. John D. Halamka MD, CIO of the Beth Israel Deaconess System and International Healthcare Innovation Professor at Harvard Medical School, as editor-in-chief. Dr. Halamka joins Dr. Jane Barratt, Secretary General, IFA, and Douglas Shinsato, Regent, University of Hawaii Board of Regents, and co-founder, Anthill Ventures.
TMT continues to introduce many new facets to the journal’s profile since its launch as market disruptor in 2016.
“Telemedicine and telecare will see exponential growth in the next year as healthcare systems adopt value based purchasing contracts and feel the urgency to improve quality while reducing costs. There is no better time to communicate the successes and failures of early adopters. TMT is the perfect place to share experiences with the community" stated Dr. Halamka. His biography may be viewed here.

As a new journal launching on an open source peer review platform, TMT encourages scholarly manuscript submissions that present leading edge innovations and outcomes in a field perceived as tired by some. Although legislation lags, digital health and new technologies continue to fuel change in the healthcare sector.

Telehealth and Medicine Today publishes articles on a continuous basis. As articles are accepted, they are published to ensure timely and accurate reflections of developments to assist building rapid consensus and adoption by the community.

To submit an original manuscript to TMT, register first, then upload your manuscript submission at https://telehealthandmedicinetoday.com/index.php/journal/user/register

The journal staff welcomes questions and feedback. Please reach out to info@partnersindigitalhealth.com

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Telehealth and Medicine Today  is an open access, peer reviewed journal delivering information on the cost efficiency of value based care to inform healthcare leaders and innovators around the globe. We assist an evolving health sector in launching and scaling delivery services to achieve sustainable outcomes within clinically integrated healthcare systems. The journal offers rapid review of research articles and commentaries related to innovations in patient-centered care. Emphasis focuses on advances in program implementation, outcomes, process improvement, financial impact, and clinical research applications across the care continuum in a new era of healthcare.

The audience for Telehealth and Medicine Today includes leadership hospitals and medical research centers, payer organizations, researchers, innovators, medical directors, IT/IS, healthcare providers, and academicians. In addition, biopharm and device companies are represented. Anyone with an interest in digital health and telemedicine can freely access Telehealth and Medicine Today for information on the implementation and advances on the horizon in the specialty.



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TMT now available on Alexa!!!
TMT is now available on the Alexa Flash Briefing.
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A special thanks to TMT intern, Alexander Zaleski - a most talented student at UCONN!



Telehealth and Medicine Today has partnered with Code Ocean. Authors can now transparently share code associated with their research, with readers.

Code Ocean, is a cloud based computational reproducibility platform, where researchers, engineers, developers, and scientists can upload code and data in any open source programming language and link working code in a computational environment within an article. The journal encourages authors and readers to share articles to broaden the sector's knowledge base. The initiative will also assist in reducing negative results, and ideally, accelerate time to market.

The Code Ocean platform can also be used to include an executable copy of an author's code for the peer review process.

Partners in Digital Health and Code Ocean will work towards the integration of Code Ocean into the journal submission and peer review workflow, where code and data is used. Authors will upload their code and data, within a cloud based computational environment, to create an executable “compute capsule” that can reproduce their results. A compute capsule will get a DOI and be embedded within the article upon the manuscript’s publication, enabling readers to view and verify the article’s results. Authors can upload and submit code and data associated with their article. Users can execute the code, view results, and modify the code to see how results change.

Partners in Digital Health joins distinguished Code Ocean publishing partners De Gruyter, Cambridge University Press, Taylor & Francis, and BMJ Publishing Group.


TMT Joins Publons!

Publons, encourages scientists to share their peer review experience online to acquire credit for reviewing activity. Publons has registered more than 400,000 researchers that have shared details of over 2 million reviews on the site. Publons verifies reviews, and publicly lists the number of reviews that have been conducted with a journal. They also provide training for peer reviewers.

The company helps tackle fake peer review and compromised review systems. With a worldwide growth in research and innovation, more reviewers are needed to insure quality, and recognizing reviewers with “credit” is now possible!

We look to Publons to assist in the ability to catch error and fraud, although having an open peer review system does help.

Over time, each user can build a public profile of activity which can be exported, giving researchers a verified record of their contributions to peer review.

Publons was the 2017 The Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) Award winner.

TMT is happy to join the Publons community, and enhance peer review for both the board, and the journal.


ARTiFACTS Partnership:

TMT is committed to advancing the use of blockchain in scholarly publishing. Under this partnership, ARTiFACTS and TMT will  work together to integrate blockchain technology into the scholarly publishing workflow and collaborate on research to assess the effectiveness of the technology as a tool to improve speed, collaboration, access, transparency, and attribution in scholarly research.

TMT will make its content available on the ARTiFACTS platform and will also provide access for its author/researcher community to start using the platform to establish proof of existence for research outputs, share research artifacts, and provide and receive immutable attribution in real-time during their research. Authors will benefit from the ability to easily and securely share in-process work to speed collaboration and enhance their reputation as research is conducted. 


Telehealth and  Medicine Today (TMT), is an online peer-review journal available for authors to add to their list of “where” to publish. There are a few items to note when you consider TMT:

  1. Editorial Mission of Publication: TMT endeavors to assist and inform an evolving health sector in launching and scaling delivery services to achieve sustainable outcomes in telehealth ad medicine within clinically integrated healthcare systems. This includes positive and negative results. One of our journal pillars is to honor success and failure in research. We believe it is the duty of scholarly publications to publish both.
  1. Turn-around Time: TMTis committed to providing fast turnaround for peer review. Our aim is 7 to 14 business days.
  1. Caliber of Board Members and Peer Reviewers: The team is a cross section of world-renowned experts bringing depth and breadth of knowledge and curiosity to a collegiate and egalitarian platform. Join the network and help build the community.
  1. Scholarly Practices: We adhere to ICMJE, COPE, and WAME guidelines and practices. TMT uses the PKP Open Journal Systems (OJS), platform. We seek inclusion on content aggregators and online directories while we await membership to scholarly organizations.
  1. Portfolio: We are a far-reaching new era portfolio publishing in the telehealth and blockchain sectors. We are committed to sharing knowledge, stimulating thoughts and conversations to build consensus, and promote a path forward in areas that pioneer innovation and change legacy systems, and assist in achieving better health, quality of care, and a more efficient healthcare system. If you share these values, throw your support behind us. It takes a village, and everyone brings something to the table. Opportunities present once—this one is yours to seize now…!
  1. Indexing: As a new journal, we don’t have an Impact Factor. Without your submissions, we don’t obtain an Impact Factor.  As soon as TMT obtains index status, indexing articles will occur retroactively. All articles receive a DOI number. Considering it takes months to publish a paper in some journals—in that time, TMT can have an Index Factor—but it doesn’t happen without your manuscript submission!

TMT has been conceived as a serious scholarly publication to benefit the healthcare sector and the initiatives, pilots, deployments, and outcomes many of you are focused on. Its scope, quality, originality of content sought, and significance of this content, will qualify TMT for inclusion in scholarly databases. We welcome your suggestions, and look forward to working together to achieve the goals both author and publisher need to meet.