Discount for TMT Readers at Converge2Xcelerate Tech Conference, Columbia University, October 24, New York City


As readers of TMT, we are extending a special rate for you to register for the Converge2Xcelerate 2018 Conference, hosted by the journal.

The Converge2Xcelerate (#ConV2X) conference is curated to address the integration of emerging technologies to accelerate building a new framework for the future of patient care, and modernization for a new health system. ConV2X will highlight the most creative thinking and strategic approaches vital to value based care in the United States. In addition, we will bring a worldview to the audience presenting cases from companies experiencing success with initiatives outside the US.

Join us October 24, at Columbia University, in New York City, to mark the event that is primed to educate health leadership, challenge status quo, and move the needle of a market. 

The conference presents a full day of concurrent sessions including 90+  experts in telehealth and transformative technologies, spotlighting blockchain and telehealth technology – and 50 sessions  including the 2nd Annual Innovation Ignition Competition...sign up today as seats are limited.

Conference Details:

The conference link is

The event address is:


The DISCOUNT for journal readers is 20%. The promotional code for this discount when registering is 123 for the TELEHEALTH track. Attendees can create their own agendas selecting sessions from Knowledge and Leadership and Exhibitor Spotlights. It is a content rich program.

Should you need, we have a Hotel Room Block at NYLO, the discounted room rate is $269.00, for an October 23 check-in date. Please call the hotel direct to make your reservation. Tell them is it for the PARTNERS IN DIGITAL HEALTH reservation. The phone number is 1.800.509.7598. The hotel is approximately 2 miles from Columbia University’s Lerner Hall. The hotel web address is:

We look forward to seeing you there!!!




TMT Advancing Blockchain and Digital Technology in Value Based Care


Health IT Professionals, Business Executives, and Investment Community Experts

You are invited to join the Converge2Xcelerate conference to build an objective and factual assessment of blockchain and digital health technology to meet your business objectives.

Blockchain and digital health technology are areas that will drive your next generation planning. We are now changing financial IT to realize value based success in healthcare.

Join us to drill down to outcomes and best practices from those in the midst of pilots, and forming consortia, to manage risk, and transfer knowledge.

Register now to secure your seat at the Convege2Xcelerate conference. Meet and network with the foremost leaders and savants including pioneers, innovators, payers, government, consulting advisors, and universities that will present. The list of luminaries is at

Early Bird registration ends August 18, 2018. Reserve your seat today!

Go to

Lerner Hall, Columbia University, New York City

October 24, 2018


TMT Welcomes John Halamka, MD, to Board


Telehealth and Medicine Today (TMT) is proud to welcome Dr. John D. Halamka MD, CIO of the Beth Israel Deaconess System and International Healthcare Innovation Professor at Harvard Medical School, as editor-in-chief. Dr. Halamka joins Dr. Jane Barratt, Secretary General, IFA, and Douglas Shinsato, Regent, University of Hawaii Board of Regents, and co-founder, Anthill Ventures.
TMT continues to introduce many new facets to the journal’s profile since its launch as market disruptor in 2016.
“Telemedicine and telecare will see exponential growth in the next year as healthcare systems adopt value based purchasing contracts and feel the urgency to improve quality while reducing costs. There is no better time to communicate the successes and failures of early adopters. TMT is the perfect place to share experiences with the community" stated Dr. Halamka. His biography may be viewed here.

As a new journal launching on an open source peer review platform, TMT encourages scholarly manuscript submissions that present leading edge innovations and outcomes in a field perceived as tired by some. Although legislation lags, digital health and new technologies continue to fuel change in the healthcare sector.

Telehealth and Medicine Today publishes articles on a continuous basis. As articles are accepted, they are published to ensure timely and accurate reflections of developments to assist building rapid consensus and adoption by the community.

To submit an original manuscript to TMT, register first, then upload your manuscript submission at

The journal staff welcomes questions and feedback. Please reach out to

TMT ARTiFACTS Work-group Volunteers Wanted!


Recently TMT announced its partnership with ARTiFACTS to integrate blockchain technology into the scholarly publishing workflow. This collaboration will help assess the effectiveness of the technology as a tool to improve speed, access, transparency, and attribution in scholarly research.

All TMT authors and readers can now share in-process work and establish proof of existence for research articles at no charge. You may access the ARTiFACTS system from

We ask authors to join the work group and readers to sign on for surveys, as your feedback is essential. Participants will have the opportunity to share their thoughts and provide guidance about the system directly with the product team at ARTiFACTS.

The findings from this research will be peer reviewed and published by Telehealth and Medicine Today. Initial observations and insights will be presented at the TMT October 2018 ConVerg2Xcelerate conference.

Should you be interested in participating, please contact at your earliest convenience.

Many thanks.

Tory Cenaj

TMT Proudly Partners with ARTiFACTS to Expand Use of Blockchain in Scholarly Publishing


TMT has partnered with ARTiFACTS to integrate blockchain into scholarly publishing workflow & collaborate on research to assess its effectiveness to improve speed, collaboration, access, transparency, & attribution in scientific research. TMT now provides a blockchain-based service for its author community for PoE, attributions, and indexing of content, plus linking supporting article materials for an early user-community in this leading-edge field.

The effort will include a work group that includes TMT authors to provide feedback for product development, with the goal of generating an article for publication that contrasts the legacy methods/processes/tools with the first in market approaches of the parties. TMT publisher, Tory Cenaj, believes the partnership with ARTiFACTS will speed the research cycle, and help build the reputations of subscribing researchers and authors faster. The service is accessible for any subscriber of the journal. For more information see Information for Authors or read the press release for TMT's sister blockchain publication at

We will conduct a webinar in future to introduce the service and functionaloty to subscribers. Should you be interested or have questions, please contact



Telehealth and  Medicine Today (TMT), is an online peer-review journal available for authors to add to their list of “where” to publish. There are a few items to note when you consider TMT:

  1. Editorial Mission of Publication: TMT endeavors to assist and inform an evolving health sector in launching and scaling delivery services to achieve sustainable outcomes in telehealth ad medicine within clinically integrated healthcare systems. This includes positive and negative results. One of our journal pillars is to honor success and failure in research. We believe it is the duty of scholarly publications to publish both.
  1. Turn-around Time: TMTis committed to providing fast turnaround for peer review. Our aim is 7 to 14 business days. Publication is continuous. As papers are accepte, they are published.
  1. Caliber of Board Members and Peer Reviewers: The team is a cross section of world-renowned experts bringing depth and breadth of knowledge and curiosity to a collegiate and egalitarian platform. Join the network and help build the community.
  1. Scholarly Practices: We adhere to ICMJE, COPE, and WAME guidelines and practices. TMT uses the PKP Open Journal Systems (OJS), platform and is published on WordPress brining an array of exciting services such as podcasts, video, blogs, training modules, and CME to our audience. We seek inclusion on content aggregators and online directories such as Google Scholar while we await membership to scholarly organizations.
  1. Portfolio: We are a far-reaching new era portfolio publishing in the telehealth and blockchain sectors – experiencing a new Renaissance for Healthcare. We are committed to sharing knowledge, provoking stimulating thoughts and conversations to build consensus, a clearer path forward in areas that pioneer innovation and change legacy systems, and assist in achieving better health, quality of care, and a more efficient healthcare system. If you share these values, throw your support behind us. It takes a village, and everyone brings something to the table. Opportunities present once—this one is yours to seize now…!
  1. Indexing: As a new journal, we don’t have an Impact Factor. Without your submissions, we don’t obtain an Impact Factor. Conundrum, yes? The quicker we get indexed, and accepted to an endless array of organizations and societies, which will benefit authors. As soon as our applications are accepted to DOAJ, MEDLINE, PubMed, etc. indexing your article will occur retroactively. Considering it takes months to publish a paper in some journals—in that time, TMT can have an Index Factor—but it doesn’t happen without your manuscript submission!

TMT has been conceived as a serious scholarly publication to benefit the healthcare sector and the initiatives, pilots, deployments, and outcomes many of you are focused on. Its scope, quality, originality of content sought, and significance of this content, will qualify TMT for inclusion in scholarly databases. We welcome your suggestions, and look forward to working together to achieve the goals both author and publisher need to meet.