Telehealth and Medicine Today (TMT) is proud to welcome Dr. John D. Halamka MD, CIO of the Beth Israel Deaconess System and International Healthcare Innovation Professor at Harvard Medical School, as editor-in-chief. Dr. Halamka joins Dr. Jane Barratt, Secretary General, IFA, and Douglas Shinsato, Regent, University of Hawaii Board of Regents, and co-founder, Anthill Ventures.
TMT continues to introduce many new facets to the journal’s profile since its launch as market disruptor in 2016.
“Telemedicine and telecare will see exponential growth in the next year as healthcare systems adopt value based purchasing contracts and feel the urgency to improve quality while reducing costs. There is no better time to communicate the successes and failures of early adopters. TMT is the perfect place to share experiences with the community" stated Dr. Halamka. His biography may be viewed here.

As a new journal launching on an open source peer review platform, TMT encourages scholarly manuscript submissions that present leading edge innovations and outcomes in a field perceived as tired by some. Although legislation lags, digital health and new technologies continue to fuel change in the healthcare sector.

Telehealth and Medicine Today publishes articles on a continuous basis. As articles are accepted, they are published to ensure timely and accurate reflections of developments to assist building rapid consensus and adoption by the community.

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