Telehealth Governance: An Essential Tool to Empower Today’s Healthcare Leaders

  • Bryan Arkwright
  • Jeff Jones
  • Thomas Osborne
  • Guy Glorioso
  • John Russo, Jr.
Keywords: Telehealth Governance


Strong telehealth governance serves as the cornerstone for advancing a telehealth strategy by ensuring that the health system has the intentional leadership infrastructure to compete and excel in this fast-paced and transforming industry. 

Effective governance is the essential first step towards successful management. The former informs the latter to optimize value to the stakeholders. Paraphrasing the Financial Reporting Council, corporate (telehealth) governance should contribute to better company performance by helping a board discharge its duties in the best interests of stakeholders: executive leadership, management, staff, customers, patients, vendors, communities, and regulators, etc. Good governance facilitates efficient, effective, and entrepreneurial management that can deliver value over the longer term. If ignored, the consequences may be vulnerability or poor performance (Financial Reporting Council, 2008).



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Arkwright, B., Jones, J., Osborne, T., Glorioso, G., & Russo, Jr., J. (2018). Telehealth Governance: An Essential Tool to Empower Today’s Healthcare Leaders. Telehealth and Medicine Today, 2(3).
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