Basics for Blockchain Healthcare Use and Technology: 101 Course

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Cees Hesp


Session Description: An introduction for the novice on what blockchain technology is, where it fits in the healthcare arena, use cases,  and current trends and potential barriers to market.


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Track: Knowledge and Leadership
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Cees Hesp, PharmAccess Director mHealth Research Labs, PharmAccess Foundation, and Director, Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL), United Nations Foundation

Cees Hesp is Director mHealth Research Labs at PharmAccess, a Dutch not-for-profit organization that aims to improve access to quality healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa. Cees has a professional background in IT and technical writing, with over 30 years of experience. He holds an MA in English Linguistics from the Free University of Amsterdam, where he graduated Cum Laude. Cees holds several Advisory Board member positions and sits on the Board of Directors of the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) at the United Nations Foundation. Dr. Hesp is also a member of the editorial board of Blockchain in Healthcare Today, sister publication to Telehealth and Medicine Today.