The Path Forward for Whole-person Virtual Care

A New TMT “Unscripted” Podcast Series


  • Mr. Bruce Brandes Senior Vice President of Consumer Centered Virtual Care, Teladoc Health
  • Dr. Lyle Berkowitz CEO of Back Nine Healthcare Consulting and Editor-in-chief of Telehealth and Medicine Today


The  COVID-19 pandemic exponentially accelerated adoption of virtual care and heightened consumer expectations, which caused health systems to reimagine their role in virtual care. As a result, adoption of virtual care has empowered health systems to move beyond siloed applications to a comprehensive, whole-person approach that consumers will need across their healthcare journey. 

In this podcast, Bruce Brandes and Dr. Lyle Berkowitz discuss the current state and future of virtual care and the unique position of health systems to earn their place within the “consumer circle of trust”.


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