The State of Data Onboarding, Interoperability and Trust

Panel Session


  • Jason R. Crites, Founder and CEO Assurance Health Data Inc.
  • Christine Lemke, Co-CEO, Evidation Health
  • Dr. Arif Nathoo, CEO, Komodo Health
  • Dave Wessinger, CEO, PointClickCare



leveraging healthcare data, modern health infrastructure, healthcare and data science, patient trust challenges and solutions, COVID-19, health data transformation, Evidation Health, Komodo Health, PointClickCare, ConV2X, #teleheath and medicine


Data continues to play an ever-increasing role in the healthcare and life sciences industry with the promise to revolutionize care delivery and treatments through individualized approaches derived from highly granular, patient-level data capture and insights. In addition, the movement towards enhanced data analytics, big data use, and AI has raised the bar on data quality and quantity. As a result, patient trust around data capture and use has become more omnipresent than ever and creates challenges and opportunities for various parts of our industry.

The discussion presents leveraging health data, modern infrastructure, and advanced interoperability while enhancing patient trust to drive innovation across companies and the industry as a whole. Panelists represent companies with a combined   $1B in funding and includes Canada's largest software company, 



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