How ‘Resource Recycling’ Impacts a New Telehealth Paradigm


  • Dr. Dimitrios Kalogeropoulos Advisor, WHO, World Bank, European Commission



new telehealth paradigm, outreach, connectivity and interaction, digital resource recycling, neglected communities, value-based care, telehealth, integration of health and care systems, global carbon footprint, sustainability, ConV2X, COVID-19, THMT


Telehealth provides an opportunity to change rules of engagement, reach out to neglected communities, and uncharted populations at the touch of a button, redefining a transformative vision from disconnection to a well-orchestrated consortium of value-based care and patient-centered services. All we need to do is to develop a ‘digital resource recycling’ mentality, and technology will take care of the rest.

The new telehealth paradigm supports outreach, connectivity and interaction, offering an opportunity to put an end to the current innovation predicament and function on a platform that we can scale and radically transform the pace and permanence of integration in health and care systems. The challenge is an overproduction of data, already contributing to the global carbon footprint. This is where data recycling comes in, as a sustainability prerequisite for the new telehealth paradigm.


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