Telehealth and Medicine Today 2022 Market Predictions


  • Tory Cenaj Founder and Publisher, Telehealth and Medicine Today, USA
  • Lisa M. Lavin Founder, Chairman and CEO, Ōmcare Inc., USA
  • Bradley J. Erickson Professor of Radiology, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science in Rochester, Minnesota, Mayo Clinic, USA
  • Rami Farraj Chairman of the Board of Directors of Electronic Health Solutions, Jordan
  • Florian Otto CEO and Co-Founder, Cedar, USA
  • William J. Hercules CEO, WJH Health, USA
  • Nir Shalom CEO, floLIVE, Israel
  • Eyal Zimlichman Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer, Sheba Medical Center, Israel
  • Shayan Vyas Senior Vice President, Teladoc
  • Russell Glass Chief Executive Officer, Headspace Health
  • Andrew C. Philip Senior Director of Clinical & Population Health, Primary Care Development Corporation



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Each year Telehealth and Medicine Today reaches out to journal board members, annual ConV2X Symposium speakers and ecosystem subject matter experts to share their views and perspectives for the near term in the telehealth and virtual care marketplace. The article presents insights into where authors anticipate market opportunities and gaps that must be addressed for the most appropriate and effective patient care programs globally and regionally for 2022.


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The worldwide telemedicine industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.5% between 2020 to 2028, Available from: [cited 12 January 2021].2.

JD Power. 2021 US telehealth satisfaction study. Available from: [cited 12 January 2021].



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