Introduction and Industry Commentary

Opening Address ConV2X 2021




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Journal publisher and ConV2X curator shares vision and insights for scientific communications and scholarly publishing along with market predictions for the digital health and blockchain in healthcare emeging markets and research fields.


Tory Cenaj is the Founder and Publisher of Partners in Digital Health (PDH), a forward reaching publishing and communications company. PDH publishes Blockchain in Healthcare Today, the world’s first open access peer reviewed journal disseminating distributed ledger technology research and innovations in healthcare, and Telehealth and Medicine Today, the international  open access peer reviewed journal examining the value of telehealth and clinical automation. The portfolio includes the companion Converge2Xcelerate (ConV2X) annual symposium, pitch competition, and PDH Institute. Her leadership experience reflects all facets of healthcare publishing and communications heading a premier MM dollar multispecialty portfolio including digital and international licensing across five continenets. Her industry experience includes leading publication planning, P&L, medical education and clinical trials management. She currently serves as executive advisor to the IEEE SA in telehealth and DCT verticals in addition to her role as publisher.


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Cenaj, T. (2022). Introduction and Industry Commentary: Opening Address ConV2X 2021. Telehealth and Medicine Today, 7(2).

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