Challenges and Opportunities in Space Medicine, Space Flight, and Holoportation


  • Maj. Gen. (Dr.) Josef Schmid III NASA Flight Surgeon and Major General (retired), Mobilization Assistant to the Surgeon General of the Air Force



extreme environments of care, first holographic transportation of humans to space, Holoportation Project, longitudinal surveillance of astronaut health, international health systems, medical training, medical operations, NASA, problem solving with NASA, space telemedicine, space medicine, space physiology, spaceflight challenges and opportunities


Dr. Schmid will provide an overview of the NASA space medicine operations current spaceflight challenges and opportunities in the context of the environments of care including air, space and terrestrially in our domestic and international health systems.  He will provide a worldwind tour of Space Medicine origins, space telemedicine, medical training required, extreme environmenta of care, NASA international and off the planet medical operations, mission planning, space physiology, longitudinal surveillance of astronaut health, current and future missions, commercial space flight and new vehicles.  Dr. Schmid will introduce the Holoportation Project, the first Holographic Transportation of humans to space, new technologies and opportunities for collaboration and problem solving with NASA. 


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Schmid III, M. G. (Dr.) J. . (2023). Challenges and Opportunities in Space Medicine, Space Flight, and Holoportation. Telehealth and Medicine Today, 8(2).



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