Addressing Workforce Crisis through New Models of Care


  • Kathleen McGrow DNP, MS, RN, PMP Chief Nursing Information Officer, Microsoft Health & Life Sciences



clinical workforce, COVID-19, business applications revolution, delivery of care changes, provider burnout, patient dissatisfaction, experience revolution, operational best practices, patient volume competition, providers shortage, telehealth, #THMT, #ConV2X


The healthcare industry has already been burdened by longstanding trends like aging populations, provider burnout, and patient dissatisfaction. Healthcare burnout has increased significantly during the pandemic. Many factors are putting strain on the industry: expanding healthcare roles, squeeze in reimbursements, competition for patient volume, shifts in the delivery of care, and a shortage of providers and staff. These factors have contributed to the unprecedented challenge forcing healthcare organizations to rethink established norms and operational best practices. While new technologies have promised significant clinical and operational benefits for healthcare organizations, COVID-19 has turned them from nice-to-haves to imperatives. This session will discuss how today’s workforce crisis can be addressed through new models of care such as telehealth.


  • Discuss the business process and business applications revolution
  • Explain the experience revolution
  • Describe the impact of new models of care on the clinical workforce


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