Predictions for Telehealth in 2020: Will This be the Takeoff Year?

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Amar Gupta
Mike Baird
Shayan Vyas
Joel Reich
Stephanie Zawada
Sumit Nagpal
Oren J. Mechanic


Introduction by Amar Gupta

In order to place predictions for telehealth in proper perspective, consider that like all new industries, telehealth is characterized by disparate ideas developed by different people, often for the same medical specialty and/or medicine-related activity. Over time, these ideas must coalesce to provide growth and economies of scale. This occurs at multiple levels. One need only look at the history of banking and finance for an analogous situation that is highlighted by innovation, mergers, and integration.

 In healthcare, the overall experience with array of disparate health information exchanges has been less than satisfactory to most observers. While the trend towards consolidation has begun in the telehealth arena, it is at an early stage.

With this in mind, our invited experts looked into the future from their shared and unique perspectives to offer their view of the next big thing(s) in telehealth in 2020.


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